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A young participant of the Sofia demonstrations January, 2009 By: Nadya Kotseva,

A young participant of the Sofia demonstrations January, 2009 By: Nadya Kotseva,


...mass protesting in Sofia, Riga, Vilnius and Reykawijk in recent weeks. Athens was on fire in December and protests continue along the border with Bulgariaas we speak – the citizens of  European countries are not happy with the political and economic situation in their countries and demand accountability and action from elected politicians.


Where in all of this civic activity are civil society organizations? How can the civic energy demonstrated by the tens of thousands of individuals taking to the streets be nourished and channeled to provide constructive input, viable alternatives and put enough pressure on governments to deliver? - these are crucial questions at the heart of the discussions for the upcoming Civil Society Forum.


We hope you find our latest published material interesting:


Sideline Report - Rayna Gavrilova reflects on the Sofia demonstrations and links to civil society

Social Networks Work – one of the organizers of a Bulgarian website reports on what happened online

From democracy to kleptocracy and back? The unfinished business of democracy in CEE – thoughts on civil society from Slovakia, the host country of the Civil Society Forum

A New Dissident Civil Society: Hot Art as Activism against Poland’s “Moral Majority” – disucsses artistic expression as part of civic activism


Focus groups are currently being held in the 7 countries that the CEE Trust covers to extract substance and relevant topics for the forum – for sure providing interesting input for the discussion! If you are interested in contributing, please answer some questions here or write directly to us at


And the dates of the forum are set - mark your calendars with 16th-18th September 2009!


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