Happy Holidays 2008

Image (c) FreeFoto.com

Image (c) FreeFoto.com


Dear Friends,


In the middle of the December 2008 flurry of expectations, anticipations, anxieties, hopes, financial projections and holiday spending the CEE Trust is coming again with an invitation for reading. The train of the Civil Society Forum is gaining speed and we submit for your consideration and reaction three new reflection pieces. Comments are welcome, dissenting comments - even more so!


The invitation for reading is smartly weaved in our Christmas piece as well: an essay by Georgi Gospodinov, one of the most interesting young Bulgarian writers (according to The New Yorker).


And again, please consider completing our questionnaire - a crucial channel of input and insights from you as we continue putting together the agenda for the forum, we aim to make it short and user-friendly.


Finally, we are delighted to announce that the forum meeting will take place mid-September 2009 in Bratislava, Slovakia!


Happy holidays and a good 2009 to all of you from the staff of the CEE Trust!


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