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The questions below will help us understand how civil society today is perceived, to look beyond the paradigm that was introduced into the CEE region in the beginning of the 1990s, and to help the naissance of a new one. We are interested to explore new areas in which civil society intervenes, and to identify the approaches and practices that work best for engaging people.

By getting your input and suggestions, we will be able to fine-tune the Civil Society Forum’s agenda and create space for discussion on topics you find essential! We are conscious of your limited time and patience with long questionnaires, so a few key words or bullet points would be a much welcome contribution.

After 20 years of transition work in CEE – what are the new realities for civil society that should be taken into account, the trends that need to be examined?

Which issues are successfully addressed by civil society today and which are NOT?

What is the reason for these successes and failures - what methods/tools are working and why?

Who are interesting and controversial people to spark discussion at the Civil Society Forum?

Providing us with your personal details is OPTIONAL, however would help us gain a clearer picture of who is contributing to the discussion.

Your information will not be shared with a third party and your answers will not be attributed to you in any published documentation without your prior approval.

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